Easy way to upload files from a *nix server to a Synology NAS

Posted on Dec 17, 2010
tl;dr: Use ftp to sync files to Synology when scp is not the best option


Yesterday finally arrived the new NAS (Synology RS409) for the SEL Lab At UC3M. The first task was to configure and make a mirror of all the data on our old file server.

There are several ways to do this by command line, for example, SCP with SSH or rsync. At least this 2 options were the first that came to my mind but they didn’t work nice.

First, SCP seems to be the best way to do this, but what a surprise!, the Synology Software DSM 3.0 have a “light” version of SSH that doesn’t support SCP.

So the next move was rsync since it was supported I thought it will be a another good way, but the problem now was the speed, rsync spends a lot of CPU usage on the checksum verification (the NAS have a small ARM processor). So instead of having speeds about 25 – 30 mb/s I got an average of 5 mb/s.

I did a little research and I found that the easiest way to do this (Without having to install anything via ssh on the NAS) was using lftp this way:

#install lftp on the old server
sudo apt-get install lftp
#connect to the server
lftp -d [remoteServer] – u [username]
#make a reverse mirroring
mirror -R [localFolder] [remoteFolderToPutTheFiles]

And that’s all.